GBDT & Associates P/L

Hi! You've found the "home page" of GBDT & Associates (such as it is). GBDT and Associates P/L is not currently actively trading as its princliples (Darren and Amanda Hutchinson) are currently living in the United States.

GBDT & Associates P/L specializes in high quality embedded systems software for microprocessor systems, written in "C" and assembler language. In either case strong design and quality implementation ensure that the software works as desired and on-time.

In one case a client has not found a bug in the delivered software project after several years of use. Other projects have been completed for demanding applications (such as mask programmed microprocessors) without revision after delivery!

Not all projects go this well, but it's nice to know that not every piece of software has to be a bug ridden hack. Strangely enough many years of experience had demonstrated that doing it right doesn't even take more time than hacking things together! Who would have thunk it?

In general GDBT and Associates P/L provides its services either as a subcontractor (as part of large projects) or as the sole contractor (for small projects where it is possible to do the job properly with limited staffing). I'm happy either way.

Past customers has included:

For more details feel free to look at my  resume . If you want to contact me send mail to me.

If you want to look at some of my work then I have some non-commercial projects (primarily for astronomical purposes) at my public projects page